Artist Statement

Where is the border between “artificial” and “natural”?

I began to contemplate the relationship between human technology and the sublime by the trigger of disastrous nuclear incidents of 3.11. Human beings have not just lived following the natural cycle, we have been trying to strengthen and expand our limited life by armoring ourselves with technologies.


I have attempted to represent organic shape by combining and processing inorganic motifs such as metal and plastic. My expression is of the moment when an inorganic object has an awakening, and depict the shape as “something,” which exists between biotic and abiotic realm in abstract and realistic ways of painting. The technology which expands our physical ability such as A.I. has become a part of our life(body) more naturally, whether physically or morally. But we can’t escape from the uncanny and discomfort of our actual body becoming data-like and being controlled by the machines.


My artwork aims to create a “Binary-Distortion,” which stimulates the viewers to feel going back and forth between life and non-life, digital image and physical space, two-dimension and three-dimension. The detailed technique, in my art, adds physical-realism, which assumes a role as a mediator for communicating the two polar ends.


The boundary of “artificiality” and “nature” is updated by the shift of our current cognition, but the terror of human technological catastrophe inspires me to strive to develop my imagination. 










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