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Artist Statement

Where is the border between “artificial” and “natural”?
I began to contemplate the relationship between human technology and the sublime by the trigger of disastrous nuclear incidents of 3.11. Human beings have not just lived following the natural cycle, we have been trying to strengthen and expand our limited life by armoring ourselves with technologies.
I have attempted to represent organic shape by combining and processing inorganic motifs such as metal and plastic. My expression is of the moment when an inorganic object has an awakening, and depict the shape as “something,” which exists between biotic and abiotic realm in abstract and realistic ways of painting. The technology which expands our physical ability such as A.I. has become a part of our life(body) more naturally, whether physically or morally. But we can’t escape from the uncanny and discomfort of our actual body becoming data-like and being controlled by the machines.
My artwork aims to create a “Binary-Distortion,” which stimulates the viewers to feel going back and forth between life and non-life, digital image and physical space, two-dimension and three-dimension. The detailed technique, in my art, adds physical-realism, which assumes a role as a mediator for communicating the two polar ends.
The boundary of “artificiality” and “nature” is updated by the shift of our current cognition, but the terror of human technological catastrophe inspires me to strive to develop my imagination. 


1985  Born in Chiba, Japan

2008  Tsukuba University, B.F.A. in Art and Design

2010  Tokyo Gakugei University, M.F.A. in Oil painting

2013  Tokyo University of Arts, M.F.A. in Art and Education


Solo Exhibitions

2022  Interspecies, Mitsukoshi Contemporary, Tokyo

2022  Tectonic Shifts, The Something Machine, New York

2022  Species, Tsutaya Book Gallery Roppongi, Tokyo

2021   Luminous Beings, haku Kyoto, Kyoto

2021   Hyperdimension, mhPROJECTnyc, New York

2020  Artifact, Mitsukoshi Nihombashi, Tokyo  

2019   Ai Makita solo exhibition, Chiba bank gallery, Tokyo

2018   Reflect on 10 years- Ai Makita”, Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano

2017   Gradation, Gallery Vask, Manila

2017   Moving, Gallery Inage, Chiba

2015   Behave As a Named Existense, Roentgen Kunst Institut von Tsutomu Ikeuchi Gallery AG, Tokyo

2013   13・17, Ai Kowada Gallery, Tokyo

            SIGNS OF LIFE”, Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo

2012   jewels, Gallery Kunimatsu, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2023  Echoes from New York, Lurf Museum, Tokyo

2023  The Mind Roams: Abstraction for a New Age, St, Joseph’s University, New York

2023  Art Cake Resident Showcase, Art Cake, New York

2023  Study:Osaka Kansai International Art Festival 2023, Osaka

2022  Between Before and After, San Gallery, Tainan

2022  Origins, Doingud Gallery, Metaverse

2021   Out of the Blue, ANA Intercontinental Tokyo, Tokyo

2021   Endless., Tokyo International Gallery, Tokyo

2020  Adventures of F, A-Lab Amagasaki, Hyogo

2020  This is now, ANA Intercontinental Tokyo, Tokyo

2020  Art Cake Online Group Presentation, Art Cake, New York

2019   Self-Portrait as Mirror-Mirror as Self-Portrait, Artinformal, Manila

2019   Assorted chocolates, ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo

2018   Shuttlecock" ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo

2018   Mumyo to Kashi”, POLA Museum Annex, Tokyo

2017   Silos”, ART3 Gallery, New York

2017   In Organic: Japanese Artist in New York - Curated by Eric Shiner and Miwako Tezuka”, Consulate General of Japan in                     New York 

2016  Chronicle,Chronicle! ”, Creative Center Osaka, Osaka

2015  Speak Soft, Listen Hard ”, Gallery Underground, Manila

           RAN-SHO KOH-JUTSU chapterⅥ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Gallery Ten, Kanazawa

           Sou-zou Kaigan INAGE”, Gallery Inage, Chiba

           18th. Taro Okamoto Award”, Okamoto Taro Museum, Kanagawa  

2014  1st. Terrada Art Award”, T-Art Gallery, Tokyo

           HYOH-BYOH KOH-JUTSU chapterⅤ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

           Summer Art Festival”, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo

           The Future”, Gallery Nichido, Tokyo

2013  TOH-KAI KOH-JUTSU chapterⅣ curated by Tsutomu Ikeuchi”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo

           Graduation Show, Tokyo National University of The Arts, Tokyo

2012  Art Award Next 2012”, Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo

           C-DEPOT 2012 Tokyo-Yokohama”, Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama

2011   Nine Colors”, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo

           Ai Makita and Yoshiharu Makita: Parent and Child Exhibition”, Tokyu Nagano, Nagano

           Exhibition C-DEPOT 2011 gravity”, Spiral Garden, Tokyo


Art Fair

2019  Taipei Dangdai, Taipei Nangang District, Taipei

2018  Art Miami, One Herald Plaza, Miami

2018  Art Fair TOKYO2018, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

2017  Art Taipei 2017, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

2016  Art Taipei 2016, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

2015  Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taichu

2014  Art Nagoya 2014, Westin Nagoya Hotel, Nagoya

2013  Art Fair TOKYO2013, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

2012  Art Fair TOKYO2012, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

           Art Taipei 2012, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei

2011  Art Kyoto 2011, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Kyoto


Residency ​

2020  Art Cake, New York

2019  Shortlisted for Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam

2019  Varda Artist in Residency, Sausalito

2018  Varda Artist in Residency, Sausalito

2017  Residency Unlimited, New York



2017  Fellowship grant from Pola Art Foundation

2015  Prize at the 18th. Taro Okamoto Award, Taro Okamoto Museum

2015  Artistic Cultural Award in Chiba city, Chiba city foundation

2014  Prize at the 1st. Terrada Art Award, Warehouse Terrada

2013  Selected for Collection Prize at Graduation Show, Tokyo National University of The Arts


Important Private and Public Collections

Museum of Tokyo National University of Arts

Takahashi collection


Press and Interview

“Dialogue for ART vol.14” Bijutsutecho online

Linda Leuzzi “A fascination with motorcycles becomes art” Long Island Advance,90527

Robert Anton Patterson ”Interview: Ai Makita” Leafbox , January 2022

Toru Kitahara ”Drawing A Wonderful Light” PLEASE12 September 2019

Robert Anton Patterson ”Interview: Ai Makita” Leafbox,

January 2019

Ronald Mabanag, Christopher Juan “Sublime rage against the machines: Ai Makita” Handpicked by Ron and


January 2017

Taisuke Shimanuki “Contemporary Sublime” ART NAVI, October 2013

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